A traditional Swedish based massage using moderate pressure and long fluid strokes for a truly relaxing and therapeutic experience.

60 minutes – $55

90 minutes – $85


Deep Flow

A deep therapeutic massage utilizing flowing techniques to unlock muscles and free energy blockages for a tension relieving experience unlike any other.

60 minutes – $75

90 minutes – $90


Hot Stone
Drawn from the base of the Black Sea, soothing heated basalt lava stones are paired with aromatherapy oils to encourage complete relaxation. Let your mind drift and your spirit soar as these warm stones glide over muscles, melting away stress and tension.

 60 minutes – $85

90 minutes – $115


Mom To Be
A highly specialized massage energizing you from head to toe. Revitalizing blends of green tea, eucalyptus, cucumber and aloe vera provides a wonderful all over boost to skin.

 60 minutes – $75

 90 minutes – $105


The Upper Only
This special massage designed for tight forearms, wrist, stiff necks and shoulder using eucalyptus essential oils will restore your body to optimal condition.

60 minutes – $55


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